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What started in 2011 as “Quilt Blocks of the Tar River” with 6 quilt blocks donated to the major towns and historic structures in Franklin County has grown into Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers. The Quilt Trails includes seven counties: Franklin, Wake, Vance, Granville, Nash, Pitt, and Martin and the number of blocks have grown from 6 to 72…and still growing

Follow the trail while learning the history and culture of Central and Eastern North Carolina.


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Tar River Quilt Trail -

The Tar River Quilt Trail follows the Tar River and includes sites in  5 counties… Franklin, Granville, Nash County, Vance County and Wake County


Roanoke River Quilt Trail -

The Roanoke River Quilt Trail follows the Roanoke River and includes sites in  2 counties… Martin and Pitt.


Quilt Trails Map -

Visitors may pick up maps from any NC Visitor Centers across the State, Broken Needle Quilt Shop in Bunn NC and other quilt shops along the trail.  You can also download a printer friendly 8.5x11 map byclicking Quilt Trails Map.

Host A Quilt Block

Traditional block designs are modeled after historic blocks. Whereas modern designs do not resemble traditional blocks, but must look like actual quilt blocks, something a quilter could actually piece and sew together.


Q: Who can Join Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke River?

 To host a quilt block the property must be in Piedmont and Eastern North Carolina.

Q: What is the advantage in joining the Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers?

Being a member of the Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers means you are sharing your area's history and culture and helping bring tourist dollars into your county. If your block is for your business you are bringing those dollars right to your front door. The Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers Guide will mark the locations of authentic quilt blocks and offer historical details about the family or the building and the significance of the block pattern. The Quilt Trails website provides a link to follow us on Facebook, and an application for those wishing to buy a quilt block and be added to the trail. Each block is featured in the map brochure and a booklet with the story behind the chosen blocks.


Quilt Block Order Form

Thank you for joining the Quilt Trails of the Tar & Roanoke Rivers! Please download the application form, complete, and return by email: admim@quilttrailsenc.org or postal mail: Quilt Trails of the Tar & Roanoke Rivers, P.O. 758, Louisburg, NC 27549.  We look forward to working with you to design, paint, and arrange for your block to be hung! Once we receive your completed form we will reach out to you about next steps and payment of the deposit.

Download Block Contract

Volunteer - Click Here 

  • The Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers need volunteers with carpentry skills to build and hang Quilt Blocks. 
  • Artists to paint the blocks. We provide materials and guideance. 
  • Contact Ellen Queen at equeen@quilttrailsenc.org or 919-815-1614 to be added to the Volunteer List.








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